Welcome to The Center for Reconstructive Urethral Surgery, the first worldwide Center for the diagnosis and treatment of male urethral stricture diseases. We provide a standard of excellence ensuring the highest standards of care of our patients. The Center is engaged in permanent educational programs for the urologist who is interested in in-depth theoretical and practical training on reconstructive urethral surgery. Our website offers detailed information on the surgical techniques used at our Center for the treatment of male urethral strictures, and the results of these techniques are also fully presented and up-dated every twelve months.

URETHRAL SURGERY: OUR RESULTS - Up-to-date to December 31, 2015
Total 230 patients
success 79.2%
Total 1053 patients
success 78.8%
Total 123 patients
success 83.7%
Total 313 patients
success 69%
Total 98 patients
success 53.1%
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